: English Lessons in the believes

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Lessons in the believes

Round the materialistic cosmic theories
Possible to be - impossible to be - compulsory to be existent


possible to be

- For example: this paper that in front of you is a clear white paper. However; logically it could be also green. Thus the white color according to a paper is not compulsory where could be white colored or not. This introduction to understand what is possible to be. If we return to the paper, it is really here but there is no sense prevents it of being non-existence. Thus it has the tendency to exist or not; it can be existent or nonexistent at the same rate. It comes from the world of possibility the existence and non-existence as scales of a balance.
- Now we ask why this paper is here.. and how the scales of existence overcome the scales of non-existence.

The answer is
that it should be a cause inclines the scales of existence without any hindrance. We called this cause (the reason for existence) and then we can conclude that any thing possible to be need a reason for existence to be existent even the non-existence need it to be non-existence
-if the cause separates from the effect it will be non-existence so cause and effect to what is possible should be always together , do not notice that we always in search for the cause behind existence and which appears as a series of causes but firmly connected . Thus what caused the paper the straw which in its turn comes from the hay and the later come from the earth and earth is part of the solar system and so on. Does the series reach an end (one cause without another one before it) or we will have endless causes

the answer is
that we could not accept logically or emotionally having train of causes how? If it is correct we will see then an absolute contradiction, this example will explain:
-This paper in front of us is a paper either exist or not and either paper it gave itself this existence or an outer cause did ;
- Let us suppose that when this paper gave itself its existence ? there is two possibilities either before it exists ( what do not have , can not give ) or as it is existent she gave itself existence ( it is like giving to what is already existent .so must others created.this other is either present or none

the answer is

that it must be existent . however ; if we keep asking about the train of causes will the whole train if only one cause does not exist , for example if the immediate cause of the paper does not exist (the straw )the paper as a result will be nonexistent .
-if we suppose it exists in the emotion then it will be considered as an existent object and at the sometime nonexistent and no logic accept that. What caused this contradiction is the believing in the train of causes, to solve it we should give only one cause for the possible to be effect and this cause should be really existent by itself. The materialistic called it (matter) while the monotheist (God

In short:
the possible to be (nature and Man) need general cause for their existence or non-existence and their life coincide with their cause (the house is existent because of the characteristic of cohesion).


impossible to be could not be existent in any way,

for instance:

1- Coexist of contradiction things: like the positive side and the negative, for example this paper is a paper and is not a paper at the same time.
2- Two different things: like seeing the same paper as white and green at the same moment.
3- What is identical: (two papers have the same characteristics; even the serial number, place and time).
4- The cycle: there is no water of rivers unless the earth gushes but earth in its turn could not burst unless the river bursts the ground. The father does not be satisfied of his son unless the teacher gives him a reward and the latter will not unless the father is satisfied of his son.
5- Train of causes: as we said before giving many causes means that it will be an endless train of possible causes, we can not end it unless we agreed to stop at only cause. The existence of the possibilities depends on two conceptions either it is autogenously and it is called compulsory being or there is another compulsory cause. Depending on these two conceptions we reach to the same result the needing for the compulsory

Third :

The compulsory existence

Compulsory existence is divided to two sections:
1- Compulsory to exist because of a cause: means that its cause is found so it exists.
2- Compulsory to exist because itself : Means it does not need any cause but it is autogenetic. And it has many features:
a) It is simple not complex like the matter: matter consist of parts and needs some outer helper to hither its parts to be existent e.g. (tea, house, Man).
b) Not a matter: for every material needs its parts.
c) Not accidental: like colours and shapes because the accidental could not exist alone it come as an accidental feature to the main object, it is secondary.
d) It does not change it self: if it changes it needs a cause make it existent and then it can change it.
e) not numerous : it must be only one cause , for it is impossible to see tow identical and ideal causes exist at the same time and if it is happened and it comes to me different every one must be perfect in every things without faults just to cause differences .
f) it must be perfect : if it is not perfect it will needs others to perfect itself and thus it will consider possible to be while it should be compulsory .it is only God who has these features

Round the materialistic theories about the nature of the creatures and its creator

-The materialistic discussed the philosophy of the existence and the nature of the creator. Thus there were many theories have the same denominator; it is that wise God is nonexistent and in this believe they were divided to two sections.
1- The creator is the non-existence.
2- matter is the cause of the existence and accident is the base to this system.
In this research we will try to show this hypothesis and to show to what extent they coincide with the science and logic

First theory: the theory of non-existence

- This theory says that (the nothingness is the cause of the matter and the system).
- Discussion and criticism : we do not need to stop for long time discussing this theory for it carry its seed of errors in front of its hands .the non-existence never could create a thing and the nothingness could not set a system , logic says ( what do not have can not give ).
- Examples: The ignorant that has no culture is imposible to be a scientist, the poor can not give money to the others, and the empty kettle has no water can not quench someones thirst.
- In short: who do not have can not give and the nothingness can not give thing. So, who has created this world?

Second theory: matter is the cause of the existence
- The materialistic says that matter is the cause of the existence, but we ask what matter is. Who created it? And how it set this system?
To answer these questions we will put justifications, analysations and explanations

What is matter?
- When physical and chemical sciences has developed , they discovered that universe is consisted of number of main elements reached 102 elements had been arranged in special schedule according to its atomic weight , this simple elements are small atoms very small that 1m has millions of atoms.

Each atom consisted of nucleus and this nucleus has protons (positive charge) and nutron (neuters). A number of charges called electronic ( negative charge ) turn around the nucleus in orbits that are far from each other, in normal situations these negative charges become equal to the positives that means that electronic = protons.

-The elements differ depending on the number of the electronic, hydrogen has number (1) while the helium (2) it is better it has two electronics and so on till we reach the nobilyon which has (102). To science matter is these simple elements which form any objects in the universe. These elements consisted of protons, neutron and electronics.

Characteristic of the matter

Science has proved that the main characteristics of the elements are not fixed or final; they change to two forms:
1- Some elements could change naturally and spontaneously when it release exact rays e.g. uranium releases three kinds of rays (y, B, a) till it gradually changes to radium which also releases other rays till it turn to lead.
2 - change also can be through artificially processes , (Rather Forth ) is the first science made it and he made nuteur of the helium crash with the oozed to give H and the oozed become O , and it was possible to change the proton after the division to neutron and the later to the proton.

-The result is that: the main characteristic of the elements are not autogenetic but accidental immediately change.

matter and energy

- According to relativism theory to Inshtin, science can remove from the mass its materialistic feature,and transform matter to pure energy.
Energy= mass of the matter + speed of the light at the second squared
Mass of the matter = E/c
- Thus mass of the matter is relative not fixed for it connected to the speed of the movement. Movement is one of the aspects of energy; the more mass means more energy. Scientists could prove that through the experiment that change the energy to matter and verse.
e.g.: the two bombs the hydrojrnic and atomic are an application to Inshtain's theory

-The Result: Through this search in the matter and its characteristics we come to this result:
1- The differences in the shape and kind of the matter come to one shared truth; any matter become after division proton, neutron and electronic.
2- The characteristics of the complexes matter disappear after division.
3- The characteristics of the simple elements is accidental, it is not autogenetic or endless for it changes to different elements.
4-the materialistic feature is not auto to the sensual matter for it may turn to energy

Who created the matter?

- Materialistic answers: "the eternal matter is existent since along time it does not need creation and creator". The certificated that by saying to the monotheist that "as you believe in Gods eternalness then you must believe in that matter is also eternal "

The answer to this claim is clear in the scientific results that proved that universe could not be eternal and the evidence is that:
1) - The second law to the dynamic hatred: there is always thermo movement from the hat material to the cold and not the verse.
- Explanation of this: universe lose its hared gradually till all materials will be so cold till zero (273) and then energy will disappear and life become impossible.
- Results of this law: if the universe was eternal life will consume its energy and life will be impossible
2) - radiant analogy gave us credible results in estimating the age of the earth and the antiques in different area which lead to an limited beginning to the earth this indicates the specific beginning of the presence of matter .so matter is created and not eternal .

How matter had created system ?

- When we observe the system , accuracy, perfection and the balance in the creature we wonder :
- does the matter have the possibilities and abilities that enable it to be creative in creation ?
- does it have mind , knowledge , ability and wisdom that makes it able to break and join in a settle and develop way
matter and its atoms have no perception , awareness or even will , have no qualification to create and plan .
- If so how we allow to our self to believe that and we have mind , awareness and culture that it is the cause of this system

- All that in the world refer to absolute mind, knowledge , will , high wisdom and endless ability .
- The deaf , mute and blind matter have no even the less .
-thus how did it bring this great and balanced system that man has not been able to understand and its final dimensions.
- So the materialistic put some theories : the most important :

The theory of accidence

Since that the materialistic found no real justification to justify the start of the system the hold on accidence .
The said that matter were made of simple parts arranged in a very funny random arrangement then after millions of years it made better form till after attempts and attempts it reach this perfect form that we see in this world )
haiskel ) the major who talked about accidence on the next shape :
- If monkeys sat on taping machines and keep taping for millions of years we should not be surprised that we will find some latest papers have one of the poems of shakespeare as well the world that exists today as a result of blind process in the matter for billions of years ) .

Discussion : criticism of the theory :

a) If we supposed that matter found it self and its interplay and bringing this world is an accident so why not we supposed founding another accidence break this system?
A random interplay unconscious able to damage this world and extinguish it , and we should notice that nature with its orbits ,celestial bodies and rules are so exact that no mistake put in the consideration because any simple mistake in the rules or rays may damage the whole system
b) the scientists had proved that in the arithmetic possibilities : any chemical compound needs many attempts till it reach the wanted shape , a study of sewers mathematical scientist explains that ( charles yogen jawy) about the possibility of making one proton through accident.

1- making a proton accidentally needs matter more than billion of the matter found in the world .
2- the matter needs to make this part is more than (10X10 /// 243 times) years knowing that the age of the universe not more million thousand years . this to one part what about other more complicated parts .
And what we can say about mountains , seas , orbits .and man ?
Mathematical study can distinguish between what can happen accidentally and what is not , accident can happen if the if the space narrow , the numbers little and the system is simple:
Three numbers can be accidentally drawn by order in acceptable trying reach 1000 in the artithmetic possibilities but if the numbers reach ten then the attempts will reach 10 pillion .

In this area professor ( yodeen kwnekleneen ) said : ( saying that life came accidentally as an agreement to make a large dictionary as result accidental explosion in the photocopy center )

- Old history did not tell us that world was different than today.
- As well we did not see radical changes in our life happened suddenly by accident
- If it is in the past why it stopped in present

- Eventually , far away from complicated science man by his nature and awareness can not have faith in accident to reach the system
- as accident did not make a chair , build home , write a book and compound a poem it is better to refuse its ability to create this great world in its system and harmony.
Mr . waheed al deen khan the write of ( Islam stand up )after he analyze the theory of accident he came to this
- (any speech of this is ridiculous and full of arrogance it is like how claim throwing of a full cup of water or coffee that will draw the map of the earth...

The theory of developing of the matter

Some materialistics leave the theory of accident and says
- ( if accident is unable to explain the system of the world and its engineering why we put the idea of developing of the matter thus it tens always to the best ?
That means that matter and its features has the ability to develop in making its members so it move from the least to the best

- Critique of this theorem:
- what is the thing that moves the matter to develop and go to a better state? One might say : ( Its the hidden power present inside the matter )
- And here we ask ourselves about this powers nature, is it conscious or not ?

1- If it is conscious , we may name it ( God ). God is the one who diffused the power inside the matter and made it move towards coordination and order according to specific and invariable rules .
2- if it is not conscious , then what pushes it towards discipline and stability ? And why does it move or go towards a system that makes even the most mindful people are unable to do like it . And why does it move to a system and does not move back knowing that its moving as if it is blind ?
- Therefore , the theorem of evolution is not true according to logic and science, because the universe and its definitive system need a conscious power to control them

Theory of contradiction (The Dialectic)

Marxism came finally to claim a solution for the problem it came out to the world with a new philosophy that explains the beginning of life through the debatable theorem of determinism and evolution
- Compound things originate from a determined and subjective movement in the matter that contains antipodes.
And the presence of contradictions cause a Severe struggle.
And due to this struggle the antipodes melt in a form of an advanced shape superior to its predecessor
And when this compound comes into existence , it carries within seeds of its antipode and the struggle starts again .The compound is transformed into a new one . This process in which things tend to go up and develop . To clarify this we take the following example
The contradictions present in the matter forms simpler elements: Hydrogen(H) which carries proton (+) and its opposite , electron (e-) and due to the long struggle a new advanced element is formed (Helium), which consists of one proton and two electrons and due to the second struggle Lithium is formed This chain continues as such until the last element in the periodic table .

- Critique of this theorem:
-Facing this theory which explains how life is formed away from God, one should present questions and clarify some facts that
fail what this theorem has reached.

First: the study of the atomic state proves that its stability does not happen unless the protons and electrons gather in equal amounts . Whenever the atom loses 1 electron it becomes less stable and more -hungry because it is looking arounditself to steal back what it has lost in order to retrieve its stability. Therefore the presence of the electron (e-) would make it combine with the proton (p+) (the two opposite poles attract while the same poles repel).
Then from where did the repulsion and the struggle came from

If Hydrogen includes its opposite and is developed because of that, then why dont all the Hydrogen atoms be complete in the universe and transform into Helium ?
- Why did a certain quantity of these atoms develop and evolve and the rest of them were not as lucky ?

Third: Helium is more developed than Hydrogen, and Hydrogen is an imperfect matter with respect to Helium. So, how can it give something to anything more developed by itself. And it is clear that the thing that lacks something cannot give it , just as the philosophical law says that giving is done by the one who owns .
-Regarding, the human being who doesnt have knowledge nor money, cannot give neither knowledge nor money.
- The atom does not carry all the characteristics and attributes, so from where does it grant all these attributes of perfection?

Fourth: The dialectic explains the movement that exists in the matter, but it did not make clear why does the matter go towards the organized formation. And if the matter is unconscious therefore why doesnt it go towards chaos and vain

After this long trip in the world of materialistic theories we reach a definite conclusion which is (matter cannot be the active reason for existence neither can it be the will that organizes and orders. Therefore, we have no other choice other than the absolute faith in God the All-Knowing, the Omnipotent, the Creator, The Organizer, and The Regulator)

Finally, this debate must refer that ones faith in God does not cancel the natural reasons and it also refers that the development and the diversity in the universe are subordinate to causes and laws independent of the own content of the matter .
- matter is part of this nature. It was created by the power of the Aware, the Knower who is above nature and behind it, and the humans destiny ends in his hand.

- And Allah said to the materialists:
In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.
- Say: "Have you seen (these) 'Partners' of yours whom you call upon besides Allah? Show Me what it is they have created in the (wide) earth. Or have they a share in the heavens?(Surat Fatir: 35-Verse 40
- He calls besides Allah upon that which does not harm him and that which does not profit him, that is the great straying.(12)
- He calls upon him whose harm is nearer than his profit; evil certainly is the guardian and evil certainly is the associate.(13)
(Surat Al-Hajj: 22-Verses 12/13)
- And if thou (Muhammad) ask them: Who created the heavens and the earth, they will surely answer: The Mighty, the Knower created them.
(Surat Al-Zukhruf: 43-Verse 9)
- Glory be to Him Who created pairs of all things, of what the earth grows, and of their kind and of what they do not know.
(Surat Yaseen: 36-Verse 36)
Allah, The Most High, the Supreme in glory, has spoken the truth

Everything existing is poor.

The world whether it is eternal and infinite or not , and whether it is made up of never-ending creature chains or not , all the creatures are dependent and needy , because existence is not autogenetic
If you consider and mentally surround the never-ending series you will realize their deficiency and need for a creator who is independent of any other creator this creator represents perfection itself .

- If you were able to talk to a never-ending series of needy creatures in a mentally conversation and asked it:
You needy creatures, who can provide all your needs?
- They would all answer with their instinct:
We are in need to whom is not in need for existence and its perfection like us
- And this instinct was not found by itself. The instinct of monotheism,
( The Divine Unity: Allah has originally created the nature of mans soul/with full tendency and love for the Divine Unity; and nothing can change the original creation of Allah ), is from Allah
And the needy creatures wont change into rich. This change is not possible and cant happen. And since there are needy and poor by nature, therefore only the one who is rich by nature can release them from their needs
- The same way insufficiency is an inert quality of each, it is apermanent attribute as well,
whether this chain is everlasting or not, eternal or not. And only Allah - the Exalted - is Able to amend its deficiencies and provide its needs.

- Any beauty or perfection expressed by any creature is not an inert quality, rather it is a reflection of Allah's Beauty and Perfection.

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful
..... .(/11)-
-There is nothing whatever like unto Him , and He is the One that hears and sees (all things).(42: 11)
( / 126 )
- But to ALLAH belong all things in the heavens and on earth : and Allah is that who encompasses all things .( 4/126 )
) /103 )
- No vision can grasp him, but his grasp is over all vision: He is above all comprehension, yet is acquainted with all things .(6/ 103)
. (/110 )
- He knows what ( appears To His creatures as ) before or after or behind them : but they have no access to compass it with their knowledge .(20/ 110)
. : .( / 143 )
- And when Moses came to the place appointed by Us, and his Lord addressed him, he said: O my Lord! Show (yourself) to me , that I may look upon Thee. ALLAH said: By no means cant thou see Me (direct); but look upon the mount; if it abides in its place, then you will see Me . When his Lord manifested his glory on the mount, He made it crashed into pieces, and Moses fell down in a swoon. When he recovered his senses he said: Glory be to Thee! I repent to You, and I am the first to believe (that You cant be seen). (7/143)

Allah, The Most High, the Supreme in glory, has spoken the truth