: English Poem] Oh Christ Worshipers]

12-14-2015, 03:23 PM
Oh, Christ worshipers! We want an answer to our question from your wise.

If the Lord was murdered by some peoples actwhat sort of god is this?I

We wonder! Was He pleased by what they did to Him? If yes,
blessed be they..they achieved the pleasure of His

But if He was discontented.this means their power subjugated His!!i

Was the whole entity left without a Sustainer so who answered the prayers?i

Were the heavens vacatedwhen He laid under the ground somewheres?i

Were all the worlds left without a Godto manage while His hands were nailed?i

Why did not the angles help Him when they heard him while he wailed?i

How could the rods stand to bear the True Lord when He was fastened

How could the iron reach Him and His body pinioned?i

How could His enemies hands reach Him and slap His rear

And was Christ revived by himselfor the Reviver was another god?i

What a sight it is!A grave that enclosed a god!i
Whats more weird is the belly that had Him in it!i

He stayed there for nine months in utter darknessfed by blood!I

Then he got out of the womb as a small baby,
weak and gaping to be breastfed!I

He ate and drank, and did what that naturally resulted in
Is this a god??!!I

High Exalted be Allah above the lies of Christians
All of them will be held accountable for their libels

Oh cross worshipersfor what reason is it exalted
and blamed who rejects it?I

Is it not the logic to break and burn it along with the one who innovated it?I

Since the Lord was crucified on itand his hands were fastened to it?I

That is really a cursed cross to carryso discard it
Dont kiss it!I

The Lord was abused on itand you adore it?I
So you are one of His enemies!!I

If you extol it because it carried the Lord of the worlds

why dont you prostrate yourself and worship graves,

since the grave contained your god in it?I

So, Christ worshiper, open your eyes,
this is what the matter is all about.

Ibn Al-Qayyim

12-15-2015, 09:12 AM

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