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11-28-2015, 07:46 AM
The philosopher and the English social sociologist, Herbert Spencer, said "There is a principle established to hinder all dialogues and repel any discussions as a result of this principle. It is the Pre-visualization which is able to make the mankind in a complete ignorance". All human beings have pre-visualizations which are connected to desires and emotions. The human mind contains thousands of Preconceptions .For example, if you are thirsty and I gave you a glass of water, you will, for sure, drink it. Your desire will be with and not against. Your feelings will be positive toward this action and not a negative reaction .But if I bring "an oil fuel" for you to drink it ,will you drink it ?Will your soul desire be with or against ?Is your emotion negative or positive toward this oil ?For sure ,It is not because you have a preconception that "the oil fuel" will harm you if you drink it and it will be insatiable for your thirst .This preconception and other thousands of preconceptions are ingrained in your mind from your childhood up till your death .It is associated with whims and passions. The basis of the human mind that when he wants to judge something or a debatable matter, he should judge by his abstract mind of preconceptions , desires and whims which are related to it. The mind shouldn't be politicized, programmed or ideological while judging something. This speech is not unimportant philosophical speech, but we know it from Allah Almighty in his Holy Qur'an .The book which contains: In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the most Merciful

" [5.82]You will find that the most people in enmity to the believers are the Jews "

The same book contains verses, in Surat Al-Nisa, which have an acquittal of a jaw who was falsely accused of a robbery by Muslims people. So, the preconceptions, passions and desires about the jaws didn't play a role in finding out the truth in that incident .Allah Almighty said:

"[4.135]Believers, be maintainers of justice and witnesses for Allah, even though it is against yourselves, your parents, or your kinsmen, whether he is rich or poor, Allah has more rights over both of them. So do not follow desires, so that you are (not) just. If you twist or turn, Allah is Aware of what you do.

The Arabian orator, Aktham Bin Saifi, said :"The lesion of opinion is the desire".

Shanqiti said in his book "The Etiquette of research and debate":"Be aware that the perception science in the terminology is (the realization of individual thing without trying to prove something to it or deny it such as the realization of the pleasure ,pain ,bitterness ,sweetness meaning ,the recognition of the meaning of the human being and the meaning of writer .The recognition in the terminology is :The knowing of oneself of the exactness meaning .If you know it imperfectly, it is called ,in terminology ,as feeling .

The holy Qur'an discussed the subject of that someone tells a fact but his society refuses it because it differentiates the well-known preconceptions by the human mind .The Qur'an discussed it through the reactions of the prophets' nations toward them because they said issues which were different from what their parents believed. The writers and philosopher talked about this issue like the Greek philosopher, Aflaton ,in his story "The Cave" and the Arabian writer, Khalil Gibran, in his story " Yuhana the Madman" and a lot of others.

The issue of the preconception is one of the strongest dialect intellectual suspicions of the atheists and the agnostic whereas they say "The person, who was born in a Catholic environment ,still says that Catholic religion is the truth and it is the rescue way out of the hell.The person ,who was born in an Islamic environment ,still repeats that Islam is the truth and the rescue way out of the hell .If you reverse the status of the two persons ,they will repeat what he listened to in his environment. The matter , according to the agnostic people, is not a true divine matter but it's a matter of preconceptions acquired from the social environment which are connected to desires and emotions .The person belonging to his religion is as his belonging to his tribe.One of the atheist analogous ,Richard Dawkins ,in his book "The God Delusion" said : "If you feel that you are attached to the religion which was taught to you ,so the question that poses itself is "How did it happen? We usually find the answer in the memorization which we have in our childhood stage. If you are religious, so the strongest probability is that you are at your parents' religion. If you was born in Arkansas, you will think that the Christianity is the true religion and the Islam is a big lie and the vice versa if you was born in Afghanistan. So, you are a victim of religious memorization in the childhood stage in both of Arkansas or Afghanistan" .This suspicion is a logical thesis if it is applied on any religious except Islam whereas when it is applied to Islam ,it will fail for many reasons:

1-The existence of notion of hypocrites in Islam .The Qur'an and the prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) talked about it a lot .The hypocrite can be born from two believers parents in an Islamic environment and he maybe pray and fast ;and still sings and intoned for Islam and recite the Qur'an. The messenger Muhammad (May peace and prayers of Allah be upon him) said:

"The hypocrite who recites the Qur'an is like a colocynth whose fragrance is so sweet, but its taste is bitter. The hypocrite who does not recite the Qur'an is like basil which has no fragrance and its taste is bitter.''

But finally, the believer goes to the Paradise and the hypocrite goes to hell.

Allah the Almighty said:

"(4.145]The hypocrites will be in the lowest place of the Fire"

The subject of the insisting on the truth and the detection of right and wrong and their retributions aren't achieved through programming the external environment which form certain preconceptions associated with passions and desires. But it is achieved through an internal, free, independent will.

2-The concord of the Islam doctrine with the cognition is far away from the preconceptions and the environmental programming .If you isolate a person since his birth from any mankind environment in an isolated island like Hai Bin Yaqazan Le Bin Tufail -this person began to grow and ask about his entity and his creation reason and contemplates creatures around him like rivers, trees ,the sky and starsHe won't think that all these creatures existed without a doer and that they are resulted from nothingness as the atheists debate through deductions originally connected with preconceptions taken from the human beings' environments and won't conclude ,for example ,the Hinduism with its complexities the procurator of the president of India ,Sarfibaly Radakershinan, said "The Hinduism can't be defined but it can only be tested". You can't reach to the Catholic belief and what it contains from the descending,

Embodiment, sacrifice, crucifying, the cross and the sacredness of the cross whatsoever you think and won't and won't.He won't reach to anything except that there is one great doer behind all of that. Then he will begin to ask about his creation reason and ponder another time and try to understandHe will start by asking how to thank this God and this is Islam and all calls of messengers for the monotheism before Islam!

Allah Almighty said:

"[21.25]We never sent a Messenger before you except that We revealed to him saying: 'There is no god except Me, therefore, worship Me. '

Zaid Bin Amr Bin Nufail refused all the idolatrous preconceptions before Islam- The retribution of the people, who lived before the messengers ,at Allah-He was saying "O Allah ,if I know the most likable faces to you ,I will worship you by it, but I don't know ".An American woman had a special experiment in America .She had a son .She decided to not force him on a specific religion and to isolate him away of any religious guidance .She prepared children books about different religions for him. So, he chose Islam without any external guidance. The anthropology scientists say that the formation of the human the brain is created in shape that makes it accept the Faith .Dr. Justin Parit, the searcher in the center of the brain and the science in Oxford University,"If we leave children alone in an island and they were grown up by themselves, they would believe in Allah".

The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said :- ( All babies are born in fitrah ,then his parents makes him Jaw, Christian or Magus/Magos) .We see nowadays that people ,who search for the truth in the world specially in the western countries which Christianity religion and atheism prevail there, convert to Islam without the preconceptions ,desires and whims-The perceptions ,which are broadcasted through media, are negative to control the public opinion as we know. We can't compare with those who leave Islam by people try to convert others to Christianity in the jungles of Africa and other places with these people in no means. Even people who became atheists in the east and the west of the world because they depended on preconceptions by human deeds which accumulated through centuries .In addition to, Psychological traumas in their societies. These atheistic tendencies are supported by preconceptions by what is called satanic whisperer human obsessions at the atheists.

The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) : ( The Shaytaan comes to any one of you and says ,"Who created such and such ? Who created such and such? Until he says, "Who created your Lord? " If that happens to you, seek refuge with Allah and give up these thoughts).

Regardless of the mockery of the atheists or Muslims' ratification of the Satanic whispers ,it refutes the concept of the preconceptions which atheists put forth it against Islam .On the contrary ,it is a reasoning against them about Islam and not in their side because there is insinuation , obsession or whatever its name which comes to Muslims to encourage them to atheism but there are no whispers or obsessions come to non-Muslims who didn't hear about the prophet Muhammad(PBUH) saying to them you should follow Muhammad!

3- The truthfulness of transmission and its uniqueness in this point. In any news comes to us, there are the transmission judgment for his truthfulness and the mental judgment .Let me give you an example, ten men who are well- known in a village by verity and honesty say that a wolf ate a lamb out of the sheep flock while herding outside the village .If you are a resident of this village, will you believe it or not? The transmission ruling here is positive because the men who transmitted the piece of news are trustful .Regarding the mental judgment about the news. Can a wolf prey a lamb? Yes, it can .So, the piece of news is right in its apparent form! Let us suppose that one person who is known by his lying in the village and said that a bird preyed forty lambs and then flew escaping! What will your mental, transmission judgment be about this piece of news?! Well, We were born in the modern age and hear about a man called Muhammad and calls to that there is no God but Allah...,We hear about other religions and their callers tooWhat can ensure us that these religions ,which transmitted to us from old centuries ,are right?! I can here talk about the transmission judgment only without discussing the mental judgment .The news of Islam comes to us in the Qur'an and Sunnah. Al-Shafei said: (The Qur'an is a container and the sunnah is a cover).The Qur'an was memorized by hearts before writings by ordinary Muslims and their scholars generation after generation up till our generation .We see trustworthy readers who learned its reading up their Sheikhs who told them that they were trustworthy upupupetc .The sunnah is like the Qur'an with its isnaads/sanads and matns. We see trustworthy muhadith in the east and west of the world who took it from frometc. There was a science called "Jarh wa Ta'deel" i.e." examination of the narrator" in documenting everything whether it was important or unimportant about any Hadith transmitter So you don't feel in your heart with a suspicious of falsification by increasing , decreasing or fabrication in terms of the transmission judgment. You don't find this matter in other religions except in Islam. The transmission truthfulness is dubious in other religions. For example, the Catholic didn't have any books until the fourth century AD. In 325m,they elected 4 bibles among tens of the opposite bibles with twenty one messages among infinite messages in (Niqia community).The third of the community members elected what was called later (the New Testament).For the other two-thirds heading by "Arios", they were saying that the Christ was just a creature and a slave of AllahMoreover ,the New Testament was modified through the later centuries.So ,where is the truthfulness of the transmission in it and what is our transmitted judgment?

Ibn Khaldon said in his history "If the soul is in a state of sobriety while receiving the news, it will check it carefully up till knowing whether it's truth or lie. If the one has a specific tendency, it will prima facie accept the news which matches with it. This predisposition or leaning will be a cover on its foresight away of criticism and scrutiny, and then you accept the lying and transmit it".

4-We don't find in Islam doctrine what encounters the mind as the rest of religions. When we say :There is no God but Allah and nothing is similar to HimIt doesn't contradict nor conflict with mind whereas each existed thing has its creator or doer .So ,the creator shouldn't be as the creature who the nature rules and the universe tradition are applied to him .He who is the caretaker and the creator of these rules and traditions and He who established it before its existence .So, How they are applied to Him!....About this issue ,the scientists talked and composed books like Ibn Taimia and its book "Refute the contradicting between the mind and the transmission" a many othersHe said :"If some of speakers and sophisticated thinks that Sharia law indicates by the way of truthful news, But its significance depends on the trustworthy of the informer. They consider what depends on the informer's sincerity as purely truth.-They made a great mistake and strayed far away .They thought that the significance of Qur'an and Sunnah is by the abstract news, and what nation ancestor were, the people of science and faith, that Allah Almighty clarified the evidences which were needed in this science by that didn't evaluate any of these men .the Qur'an in the best way".

The human mind don't disagree-even the mind which full of preconceptions- with the Islam doctrine in no way. For what we hear and read as a riot, it is about issues out of the doctrine issues .It is about a branch of the branches and not about a basis of the basics. If it appears that there is a corrupted branch in the a good basis, so it will be wrong to judge both of them as an invalid .If you are a farmer born and lived in an isolated island and you don't know except that apples are green. You have an apple tree which bear fruit (green apple) every year. One year you noticed a red apple on one of its branches .What will you do? Will you cut the stem the basis) or the branch which the red apple grew on it (the branch) or the red apple (a branch of the branches)? Well, for me, I won't do anything of these deeds .I will go to the nearest agricultural engineer to ask him. If he didn't answer me, I'll ask another one from the experts .If all of them didn't answer me,I will think of the cutting.

This example is to explain to you that even in the branches of the branches of Islam which seems that it is in compatible with mind, it is not converse to the abstract mind of the preconceptions, desires and feelings united with it .It is converse to the acquired preconceptions in mind or it is a matter which mind can't realize it. The human mind, whatsoever its grandeur, is limited in terms of abilities as the rest details related to human beings .You can find a man whose I.Q. is hundred or one hundred and half .But you can't find a man whose I.Q. is a billion .You can see a man who can carry a car or a plane but you don't find a man who can carry the Earth. All human, including his mind, is limited whatsoever he was great.

The Greek philosopher Aresto said: "To judge a certain thing, The person should has a certain knowledge of this thing". Let us give an example about a matter that dissents the preconception in the human mind- It's the favorite example for the enemies of Islam-

Hadith, Bukhari, Some people from the tribe of Ukl came to the Prophet and embraced Islam. The climate of Medina did not suit them, so the Prophet ordered them to go to the herd of (milch) camels of charity and to drink, their milk and urine (as a medicine).

Our concern is the camel urines which is the plural of urine! The prophet of Allah prescribed the camel urine as a medicine!!! Instead of warning people from it!!!...The clergymen of Islam proved that the prophet said these words instead of denying that the prophet said it .Ibn Taimia said: "If it was sinful and defiled, the prophet wouldn't allow drinking it .I don't know contrary to that the curing by the camel is permissible as it comes in Sunnah" .The human mind which has a preconception think that urine is unclean, poisonous and harmful and ..Well ,if you didn't hear in your life about the bees or the honey ;and I told you that there is a kind of insects which secretes a certain substance and I'll give you one thousand dollars to eat one spoon of this substance .Will you agree? In fact .the remedy by camel urine was converse to the human mind preconception but doesn't infringes the abstract mind from the preconceptions ,whims and desires .Ibn Sina was one of the genius figures in the human's history. His book "The law in Medicine "remained the first reference in the medicine science for many years in the western world and eastern world.Ibn Sina prescribed the camel urine for heal in his book "The Laws in Medicine". Ibn Sina said: "The camel urine can be used in Hydrocephalus and stiffness of spleen, especially with milk vaccine". There are many medical researches which talks about the benefits of camel urine in the modern era. My concern isn't the benefits of camel urine! My concern is giving example of a matter in a branch of Islam branches which gainsaid the preconceptions in the human mind and not the human mind itselfIbrahim Al-Feqi , the professor of NLP ,said : " Your eyes are a reflection of your ideas". I may understand that young atheists boys cite with this speech to prove nullity of Islam , but I don't understand at all that Christian boys do the same thing because their books have shameful sayings for human beings and perplex the greatest philosophers !

Let me give an example about a matter which the human brain didn't realize it even the abstract mind from the preconceptions

Allah Almighty said:

[2.228]Divorced women shall wait by themselves for three periods".

It means that the divorced woman who still has the period must wait 3 months after her divorceYou can say "Can you give me an interpretation of waiting 3 months and not four or five or two periods? I will simply tell you "I don't know! " My mind hasn't realized this matter yet to know its reason, but I know the most important point that my creator knows better than me ,so I won't controvert His wisdom!..At the same time,I know that the issues in a branch of Islam branches ,which the human mind don't realize it, don't harm the human beings and don't disagree with the mankind life in this universe .The Muslim philosopher ,Ibn Rushd, said in his book "the difference between the wisdom and Islamic law/sharia of the communication" : (the wisdom is the friend of sharia; and the younger baby of it. They are surely inseparable .They are connected in the core and the instinct).

5-There are thousands of scientists and researchers in the natural pure and applied science from different religious backgrounds-atheists , Christians and Jaws-left their beliefs and changed to Islam because of what we call "the scientific miracles" in Islam provisions .Some of them say that they discovered these themes in Islam texts themselves in their labs newlyWe don't see that phenomena in other religions except in Islam! There were a lot of books and symposiums for discussing this subjectRegardless of defamation of the non-Muslims guys who say that there are no such these matters and what they discovered was accidentally. Regardless of the exaggerations of the Muslims young men who also say that all science of the western world are stolen from Islam.I advise you to read and follow it objectively .The book of French surgeon, Moris Bokai"the Torah ,Gospel ,the Qur'an and Science" is one of these books.Moreover,the symposiums and the certified sites of scientific miracles in Islam on the internet.

Let me give an example, Allah Almighty said :

[23.12] We created the human from an essence of clay:

[23.13] then We made him, a drop, in a secure receptacle (the womb).

[23.14] Then We created of the drop, a clot (of congealed blood) and We created the clot into bitesize tissue, then We created the bitesize tissue into bones, then We clothed the bones with flesh, and then produced it another creation. Blessed is Allah, the Best of creators!"

These verses contained the formation of the fetus stages. These verses with others made one of the greatest Anatomists in the world, the professor Keith Moore, convert to Islam.

Allah Almighty say:

[41.53]We will show them Our signs in all the horizons and in themselves,"

6- The existence of a complete reference/bookmark for knowing right and wrong.

In Isbarta age, they considered the thief who wasn't arrested as a hero. In a certain era in Athens,homosexuality was a normal state. In a certain era in the Arabian Peninsula, the killing baby girls were an ordinary situation. There are millions of topics that influence the human security and continuation which we, as human, differ about it and then we can't differentiate the right and the wrongShould we punish a person who killed another person by mistake? If your answer "Yes "What is the best punishment for him? Why should this punishment be and not the other one ? Should an unmarried youth marry a divorced woman? Is drinking wine right or wrong? A little bit or much of it ?...If there is a divinity -or divinities- who created the mankind ,so He must know everything about the man more than they know themselves; and that they disagree as it is their nature .This divergence in their points of view related to their human security. So , why didn't he determine a clear, complete reference to set the right and the wrong associated to their security? We don't find this reference in any religions except in Islam which is called Sharia.

Allah Almighty said:

"We have ordained a law and a Path for each of you".

It is overall to all sides connected to the human security. Concerning what is said by some people that it doesn't suitable for the modern era in terms of the punishments such as cutting hands .It's because their compound ignorance of the punishment topic and because of their ignorance of the modern era and its tragedies. If the hand cutting is wrong ,it should be the last human's troubles in the modern age.!For example ,the hand cutting ruling of the thief isn't achieved /applied except after check the reasons which make a person steal. It will be after the achievement of justice in dividing wealth , offering jobs and earnings, ensuring of the moral immunity for individuals in the society by the comprehensive education for the societyJust at this stage ,we can apply the robbery ruling by cutting the hand. It should be achieved when the thief doesn't need to steal and when he wants to rebel against the moral system of the society. The sharia of Islam is not a fruits basket which we can select what we need and leave what we want. Whoever does this deed ,it will be his sin not the Islam fault .The origin of the cruelty of this punishment is the rebuking and intimidation of doing it .Aristo ,the Greek philosopher, said : "The mankind is controlled by fear more than solemnity" If the matter is a matter of pure mercy !when was the punishment a pure mercy !Is there a pure mercy in the punishment of execution for the killer by using the electric chair ? Or is there a complete mercy in hang the traitor in Britain or Is there a mercy in the solitary in France ? Aristo said "Law is a logic without sentiment ".Why does the person ,who criticize the punishments in Islam, kill thousands of living creatures just for eating them?! The lamb, for example ,is a peaceful tame creature ,so why cut its neck to eat it although it doesn't harm you and on the other hand you know that it suffers? And what about the rest of animals? The plants also suffer and feel as the new science discovered? Where is the pure mercy? The atheist doesn't have one moral reason for doing this action. If he is trustful with himself concerning the mercy ,he should leave himself dying because of starvation.

The biological variation isn't a moral excuse to kill the others .The Russian author, Tolstoy:" The law ofMohammed will prevail the world in line of reason and wisdom"

7- Most prophecies of Islam about unseen matters took place .They also happened without contrast with the event. For the pretexts of the matters, which haven't happened yet, it is nonsense because the time hasn't finished yet. If the events should happen at one time, so what is the value of time !

Albert Einstein said : " The only reason of time presence is that everything don't happen at one time" .If the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was a genius person who was megalomaniac and was seeking the personal glory, so why did he exhaust himself taking about matters which he said that it wouldn't happen except after his death ?! Why did these matters take place without discrepancy with the event nature? Why are these matters happening without conflict with the event nature?! We can have an example here: (The prophet Muhammad wasaskedby his companions which one would be opened first, Constantinople or Rome ?, he replied the cityof Heracliuswillbe opened first ) .Constantinople is Istanbul in Turkey now....The Muslim leader ,Muhammad Al-Fateh, opened it in 1453 AD.The prophet Muhammad died in 632 AD .When he died ,his country was weak and limited in the Arabian Peninsula in compare with other countries like Romans Persians in the area. The most optimistic people about this country from outside it or the most pessimist people of Romans and Persians inside their countries expected that this country would prevail above these empires! In respect of Romia , it is Rome ,the capital of Italy nowadays. The plea of its being hasn't fallen yet is void because the time hasn't finished .But in light of what the western research institutions that Europe will be Islamic in the twelfth century AD because of the increase of people convert to Islam in Europe and because of the Muslims' birth rate. So, the dominance of the Muslims on Rome is almost certainly .There are thousands of texts which describe amazingly our reality and our past after the death of prophet Muhammad. We dont find these prophecies in the other religions.

8- The best minds freed of the preconceptions are attracted to Islam andnotto others .If there is a power of a thousand "Newton" and pulls a ball up and a power of fifty "Newton" pulls it down, the ball will move with the outcome of the final power toward the higher. The minds, that excelled in the humanities such as the literature and philosophy, are the most freed minds from the preconceptions in their societies and the most capable of criticism , scrutiny and rebellion against the customary. We will have an example for these minds in the west where the preconceptions of Islam are negative and not positive.

Some minds mastered humanities in the west .They provided the human library with texts which the mankind boasts of it like Gothe, Pushkin ,Tolstoy, Bernard Shaw, Twenbi, Hugo Garaudy and others said about Islam and its prophet praise which wasn't said about other beliefs different from their religions-They were atheists, Christians and Jaws Islam-Some of them converted to and the other didn't do. All those people in comparison of few people who attacked Islam .So the concept of preconception is a pretension against them and not with them !In respect of the few people attacked Islam, any researcher see the lack of integrity and objectivity of their owners-in addition to ,the preconception is basically proofing against them-.We will discuss the French philosophy ,Voltaire, who attacked Islam in his play "Muhammad's Life". He wrote this play to criticize the church practicing in that time. As a result, the church prevented the play. Then after years, he wrote articles in which he commended Islam but at the same time he didn't apologized for that play! Where are the fairness and objectivity in all these deeds! There is another important point ,the Islam scholars studied the other beliefs-atheism ,Christianity and Judaism-in all their details but they didn't change their religion .A lot of the other religions scientists who studied Islam changed their beliefs to Islam .When someone begin to study a certain belief ,the preconceptions of him about the belief begin to vanish-whether it is positive or negative-in front of the details which he sees .A lot of Islamic scholars like Ibn Taimia, Ibn Al- Qayyim and Ibn Kathir were the more knowing of the others' beliefs-atheism ,Christianity and Judaism..-than their owners themselves but they stayed believing in Islam. On the other hand, we see that most of disbelief people who studied and scrutinized Islam converted to it-There are persons who did so and didn't change their beliefs. Therefore, the concept of preconception is a plea against them-We don't need to give examples from the immemorial times .The present age witnesses that many priests who study Islam believed in Islam .But the antithesis doesn't happen.

Allah Almighty said :

"It is not you that they belie; but the harm doers deny the verses of Allah".

9-Establishing the concept of the call, dialogue , confrontation and debate in Islam .If there is a particular divinity or particular divinities- chose a person or a party to represent his message ,why didn't he establish the other human beings in his message in order to have the pretext against him? This point isn't in any beliefs except in Islam.

Allah Almighty said:

[3.64]Say: 'People of the Book, let us come to a common word between us and you that we will worship none except Allah, that we will associate none with Him, and that none of us take others for lords besides Allah. 'If they turn away, say: 'Bear witness that we are Muslims. '

Allah Almighty also said :

" [16.125]Call to the Path of your Lord with wisdom and fine admonition. Dispute with them in the best manner. Your Lord is well aware of those who have gone astray from His Path and He is well aware of those who are guided".

He said :

"[34.24]Say: 'Who provides for you from the heavens and earth? ' Say: 'Allah. ' Surely , either we or you are rightly guided or in clear error".

The Qur'an itself mentioned the suspicions of disbelievers and replied them and other provisions .Moreover ,the prophet Muhammad was facing the people of other religions by debate ,discussion .The Sunnah books are full of those encounters .The Islamic scholars were the party who initiated to face and joust the scholars of the other religions. We can here take an example about Vatican Pope ,Pendict the 16th .He attacked publicly Islam in front of hundreds of the media in 2006.He accused it of being against mind/reason .When Muslims' scholars asked him to argue publicly with him or any representative of Vatican about what he said in front of media, Vatican refused this disputation. That Pope stated when he was a cardinal- rank before the papacy-that Catholic is the only way for salvation ,i.e. to escape from the hell and enter the paradise We don't know here :why didn't he face those Muslims by an intellectual controversy and prove his pretext against them to save as much as possible of them from the hell instead of insulting their religion while they are away of him and avoidance from their debate later ?! Through the conversation and dialogue, we find out the grandeur of the Islamic mind in comparison of the other minds. Any doctrine is an intellectual template in which the brain is put .The brain takes the shape of this template. The atheist put his brain in an intellectual template which is the atheism and the people of the rest of doctrines- Muslim ,Christian ,Buddhistas the water when we put it in a particular template,and then water takes the form of that template. I will clarify more, the American president's wife ,Roosevelt ,was cultured woman and had wisdom .She had sayings which indicated that wisdom like : "The eminent brains interest in ideas ,the ordinary brains interest in events ,the trivial brains interest in persons ".When you think of this saying ,you will find out that it is right. The brains which remained in the history like Aristo and other figures stayed because of suggesting ideas in their time and not because of their speech about the events and the persons in their time. The ideas are constant with changing the time and the places ,but the events and persons are changeable. When we read the trials of non-Muslims to refute Islam, we find that they interest in incidents and persons without discussing the ideas as a whole. Centuries passed after Islam emersion and the only main idea on which Islam based hasn't been confuted yet !

'There is no God but Allah "is the idea and what it contains about the notion of monotheism. The German philosopher, Hegel, said about Islam-or what he called Al-Muhammadia : "The honoring the One is the only aim of Al-Muhammadia ,the subjectivity isn't activating except in this worship ,the intended goal is subjugation of the world for the Only One". The whole Qur'an is about monotheism. Ibn Al-Qayyim said "the Qur'an is either news/report about Allah , His names ,His characteristics ,His deeds and His sayings. This is the reporting scientific monotheism of or a call for His worshipers to worship Him only and that we associate no partner with him. That is the volitional requested monotheism, or order ,forbid ,obedience compelling for Him and His order and His prohibited matters .They are the rights of monotheism and its attachments ,Or a piece of news about the people of monotheism and what happened to them in the world and what He honored them in the day o Judgment .It is the retribution of their monotheism, or it is a report about disbelievers and the their punishment in this life and their punishment of the Everlasting life. It's the penalty of whoever doesn't believe in monotheism. Thus , the whole Qur'an is about monotheism ,its recompense and its punishment"

Millions of papers were printed against Islam ;and Tons of gold and silver were spent .All of that were done in order to destroy persons and events ! Without talking over the only main idea which Islam based on .We ask here: If we can overthrow Muhammad and his companions; and Islam disappeared, then after million years, the idea of "There is no God but Allah" and its connotation of monotheism .If we don't know who publicized it, how will we stand up to it ???We find the Islam scholars rebut their enemies analyzing the ideas to refute the other doctrines. But the others often engage in incidents and persons in Islam. It is known that contravention of the reasoning owner instead of contravention of the reasoning itself is an evidence of failing in discussion.

10- The fact of singularity of truth and the falsehood pluralism support Islam and not other beliefs .If we ask a question: What is one and one? You know that the right answer is ( two) .If some persons give different answers ,you will know that all of them are wrong and you are only right. The common denominator among those persons is that all of them are wrong (falsehood),you are the only one who is right(truth). If there is a God /divinity or divinities ,the truth will be certainly with one of these religions .If there are no religions, Thus ,the truth will be with the atheists. There are thousands of beliefs on the Earth-Islam, Christianity , atheism ,Buddhism-the right answer is only with one of these beliefs and the rest of beliefs are wrong. More than one belief can't be right because all of them are contradictious and conflicting with each other .When the Greek philosopher, Marx, talked about the contradiction overlapping ,he talked about denying the negative .He spoke about one of the contradictions had to deny the other .I won't ask you to read in the nations' history or the countries policy to realize what doctrine which all the doctrines are unified against it in any confrontation among beliefs because The matter will take more time ! But if we ask a fanatic Jewish kohanim in Israel , a fanatic priest in America, a fanatical Hindu monk in India:Which alien beliefs do you think it is the most dangerous and unpleasant in your point of view ?They will answer :Islam !

The same answer will be if we ask a fanatic agitator for atheism. We don't need to ask them whereas Richard Dawkins declared that Islam is his first enemy out of the other religions! The common denominator among the beliefs contrary to Islam is that Islam is their enemy. But there is no common denominator among atheism, Buddhist according to Islam. Islam considers both of them as unbelief and their danger are the same.

This is the problem of many atheists .The atheist doesn't know, as a young goofy child, anything about Mathematics inside a big hall where contains thousand of persons and the question of (what is one and one)is written on a tablet in front of them .One person only gives the right answer .Each person answered a special answer to him. This goofy boy stops amazingly .Instead of trying to understand the question to know the right answer, he shouted at them saying "O fools, Damn all of you! One plus one has no answer! It has no answer! He repeated the saying of Bernard Shaw "Thanks God for being atheist ".The atheist swaggers and asks: From where did God emerge/Who created God if He is existent? When we answer that we don't know because we can't aware what is different from the universe rules and the nature laws Thanks God for that matter because our brains can't realize supernatural power which laws of nature and the rules of universe aren't applied to it-Thanks God for that favor whereas if our brains exceed the world rules and the universe laws,a human child can make a bomb in the shape of an egg and destroy the Earth !When we tell him this answer ,he smiles ridiculously. When we asked him: From where does the origin of the Eternal/uncreated substance which the universe emerged/came from? He said: I don't know at all. Why can't you answer it as long as the world rules and the universe laws are applied to him because he isn't a divinity??? This stupid question will lead us to infinite whirlpool or a chain of questions like: Who created the creator of God and who created the divinity of the God's creator....!!!

Allah Almighty said :

"The man is the most disputatious of things."

The artist, GeorgeBarack, said "The truth is only existent but lies have been fabricated ".

In short ,if Muhammad wasn't a prophet of Allah who had to be followed by human beings-Allah Almighty said :

"[3.85]He who chooses a religion other than Islam, it will not be accepted from him, and in the Everlasting Life he will be among the losers"- as it is believed by the non-Muslims such as atheists ,Christians ,Buddhists ...the character of Muhammad is, with no doubt , the most elusory character to the human mind through the human history .Consequently ,we demand them of giving logical explanation about the essence of Muhammad ??? !!!

We don't, for sure, ask this question for their youth who can't do anything except insults and cursing ,but we ask their elite who think that they are right .If they don't answer-they didn't do up till now-I won't find more eloquent than the words of Allah:

" [27.14]They denied them unjustly out of pride, though their souls acknowledged them"

Thus, some scholars said whoever refuses the truth is because they have pride/egoism .I seek refuge in Allah from pride and arrogance.

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